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L. Luster & Associates specializes in expanding opportunities for businesses and individuals interested in getting involved in the construction and building industries. Over the past dozen years, the firm has created conduits for small, local, disadvantaged, minority, women, and veteran owned contractors to become engaged in public contracting. We have developed programs that train economically disadvantaged adults and youth for jobs in the skilled trades and professional services.

LLA’s expertise in opportunity expansion also includes business participation policy development and equity program administration. We have assisted clients to develop business equity programs that resulted in contracts for small and local firms. Our workforce research contributed to landmark local hire legislation that has generated thousands of work hours for local skilled tradespeople.

We are passionate about promoting the involvement of a diverse array of individuals and businesses in this growth industry.

LLA also engages with the public around construction. We facilitate dialogue between communities, businesses, residents, public agencies and builders. LLA staff has been on the front lines of innovative projects assisting communities to navigate the upsides and downsides of redevelopment and bus rapid transit projects. We have developed strategies to capture public input and keep the public informed about project activities. Our staff has worked effectively with economically diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-lingual communities throughout the Bay Area.

Founded in 2005, LLA works with both public and private sector clients who specialize in infrastructure and large-scale construction or social programming associated with such projects. Firm clients include public agencies, developers, project management firms, general contractors, and non-profit organizations. Many of our team members work on site, embedded with our clients and serving as extensions of their staff. Other LLA specialists provide expert services from our office.

For all clients and projects LLA employs a systematic approach to its work. We review the scope of services and plan our work in coordination with our clients. We implement the scope of work with attention to timely delivery and documentation of all services. At pre-set intervals, LLA staff takes time to sit down with the client and assess results. The information gleaned from these sessions is used to innovate and continually improve our performance. We believe this approach is one of the reasons LLA had been successful at retaining its clients and obtaining repeat business.

Scopes of work for our projects encompass:

  • Equity policy and program development
  • Business outreach and inclusion
  • Public engagement, stakeholder coordination and meeting facilitation

  • Contract and labor compliance support

  • QA/QC support

  • Project management team support

  • Workforce research, program design and evaluation

  • Community benefits programming

  • First Source hiring and local workforce inclusion

  • Internship and mentorship program development

The LLA Team

Laura Luster, Ph.D.
Laura Luster, Ph.D. Principal
Laura Luster is a dynamic team leader and thinker. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, she places her expertise and passion for excellence at the disposal of her clients and team.

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Lorena Arroyo-Garcia
Lorena Arroyo-GarciaBusiness Outreach Specialist
Lorena Arroyo-Garcia is an expert in facilitating relationships between businesses, agencies and communities. She puts this know-how to work by encouraging businesses to participate in public contracting and persuading merchants and residents to add their voices to public projects.

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Geoffrey Johnson
Geoffrey JohnsonCommunity Relations Specialist
Geoffrey Johnson is passionate about public transportation and is a daily rider of buses and BART. He is equally committed to keeping communities informed and involved in projects that impact them. Geoffrey brings deep understanding of urban transportation issues to his community, merchant and consumer engagement work.

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Brooklyn Moore-Green, CCA
Brooklyn Moore-Green, CCACertification and Business Outreach Specialist
Brooklyn Moore-Green has developed special capabilities in working as extended staff for public agencies. Her professional expertise in equity programming, certification and business outreach makes her a valuable member of everyone’s team.

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Joan Quillio, MCA
Joan Quillio, MCAEquity Program and Business Outreach Manager
Joan Quillio is LLA’s in-house Equity Programming, DBE and Contract Compliance expert. With more than 15 years in the field and a Master Compliance Administrator certification from the American Contract Compliance Association, Joan guides the LLA team in these areas.

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Monica Rice
Monica RiceLLA Operations Manager
Monica Rice brings over a decade of progressive experience in business management, personnel recruitment and budget oversight. She keeps LLA’s wheels turning.

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Tamika Richardson
Tamika RichardsonBusiness Outreach Specialist
Tamika Richardson contributes advertising and marketing experience to her outreach efforts to keep contractors and consultants informed of client contracting opportunities. She is also a whiz at generating spreadsheets and producing reports.

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Tamera White
Tamera WhitePublic Relations Specialist
Tamera White is an accomplished public relations professional with experience in strategic messaging, project and agency collateral production, social media generation, media management and event coordination. When our clients need an outreach flyer, a newsletter, a press kit or a last minute “major event”, she is their go-to person.

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Our Certifications


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise / African-American Owned

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT),
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans),
California Unified Certification Program (CUCP)


Minority-owned and Woman-owned Business Enterprise

National Minority Supplier Development Council,
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART),
East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD),
California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)


Small Local and Very Small Local Business Enterprise

Port of Oakland,
Alameda County Transportation Commission


Local Business Enterprise

Alameda County Transportation Commission,
City of Oakland


Local Impact Area Business Enterprise

Port of Oakland


Small Local Business

Alameda County