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L. Luster & Associates (LLA) delivers outreach and public engagement, equity program administration, contract compliance, workforce development, and QA/QC and management team support services. Our clients include public agencies, developers, project management firms, general contractors and non-profit organizations specializing in infrastructure and large scale construction. We believe in planning, processes and client focus. LLA employs a systematic approach on all its projects to help our clients achieve their goals. We map the work, implement the scope and assess outcomes. Our team analyzes the results and uses them to transform and innovate our practices. LLA staff is professionally and culturally diverse with deep expertise in:

  • Community Outreach and Public Engagement
  • Business Outreach and Inclusion
  • Contract and Labor Compliance
  • Equity Policy and Program Administration
  • QA-QC and Project Management Team Support
  • Workforce Research, Program Design and Evaluation
“Dr. Luster provided support to AGC-San Francisco Contractor Liaison Committee. She developed policy recommendations on prompt payment and partnering for the Mayor (Lee) that have been fully implemented and have helped to establish a renewed confidence in construction contracting procedures. Her firm’s quality of work was exemplary and I strongly recommend her firm to other professionals.”
Naomi M. Kelly, City Administrator, City and County of San Francisco.